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For over 175 years, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, a classical research university founded in 1834, has  been educating generations of professional, scientific and cultural elite of Ukraine. University graduates strongly represent  Ukraine’s education, science, culture, as well as social and political vanguard.

Succeeding generations of students, teachers and scholars  have been adding to the greatness and glory of their alma mater. 

Year by year the University strengthens its leading role in  the educational, scientific and cultural spheres, with Ukraine building up an innovative economy and reforming its education and science.
The University is gaining in popularity; studying and working in it carries steadily rising prestige. A diploma awarded by  Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv is highly regarded in Ukraine and abroad. 
The names of the University professors and scientists are associated with laying the foundation of science, creative ideas and schools recognized by the international scholarly and academic community. Today the University provides for the development of new modern styles of scientific thinking and involves talented creative youth in pioneering research programs.
The University enlists close cooperation of NAS (National Academy of Sciences) of Ukraine, business corporations and other organizations in Ukraine, as well as leading universities in the world, promoting academic mobility of students, lecturers and researchers and holding an important place in the  world community.
A successful longterm alliance with the National Acade-my of Ukraine resulted in a new development in 2011 – together with nine leading institutes and the National University of  Food Technologies, the University created the Taras Shevchenko Kyiv University Science Park Corporation – a new integrated  form of science, education and business development.
Science Park has a well-developed infrastructure which enables high technologies to be innovatively introduced and  brought to the market (technology transfer).
State Prizes of Ukraine for Science and Technology, State Prizes for Education, Taras Shevchenko State Prizes, the prestigious prizes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, national and foreign awards are given to the University scho-lars for their educational and scientific achievements. 
Every year bachelor and master students, postgraduate  students, and young scientists of the University win international competitions and contests.
Science is an integral part of the University’s educational  process that provides an opportunity to enhance the quality of professional training, students’ ability to develop their creative
skills, and inspires our talents to new discoveries and accomplishments.
The cohort of Honorary Doctors of the University (over 100 persons) includes internationally known scientists, Nobel laureates (Jean-Marie Lehn (France) and Zhores Ivanovich Alferov (Russian Federation)), explorers (Thor Heyerdahl, Jacques Yves Cousteau), presidents of the countries, academicians of the  National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Russian Federation and other countries, rectors of higher educational institutions, public and political figures.
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv has two centuries of glorious history, outstanding events, and achieve-ments. The whole experience of the past, the traditions that we  carefully preserve, and the golden fund of the university – our  employees and generations of graduates – help us in solving  new challenging tasks that confront the university today.

Booklet: science - the future of Ukraine

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