Volodymyr (Vladimir) Plujko

Volodymyr (Vladimir) Plujko

Professor of Nuclear Physics Department,
Physical Faculty of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (TSNUK), Ukraine



Engineer, Junior, Senior scientific researcher,

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine


Senior scientific researcher,

Institute for Nuclear Research of NAS Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine



Leading scientific researcher,

Institute for Nuclear Research of NAS Ukraine, Kyiv




Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine


Joint positions

Teaching Assistant on physics and mathematics (computer programming),

Taras Shevchenko national University of Kyiv, Ukraine



Senior scientific researcher,

Scientific Research Centre of Quantum Medicine "Vidhuk" at Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Kyiv




National Technical University "Kiev Polytechnic Institute", Ukraine



Leading scientific researcher (1/2 staff),

Institute for Nuclear Research of NAS Ukraine, Kyiv




Higher education - student of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Master degree in Theoretical Nuclear Physics.



Post graduated student,

TSNU of Kiev, Ukraine



Academic degree: Ph.D. (Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences), TSNU. Title of Thesis: "Investigations of (n,2n) reaction mechanisms and  exciton model of nuclear reactions".



Academic rank: Senior Scientific Researcher.



Academic degree: Doctor Physics and Mathematics (Habilitation),  KINR of NAS Ukraine. Title of Thesis: "Relaxation of collective excitations in heated nuclei".




Academic rank: Assistant Professor (Docent) of Nuclear Physics.



Academic rank: Professor of Nuclear Physics.


 Research Projects and Contracts


Improvements and Testing Practical Expressions for Photon Strength Functions of E1, E2 and M1 Gamma-Transitions.Contract No. 20452/R0  under CRP F41032 "Updating Photonuclear Data Library and Generating a Reference for Photon Strength Functions".IAEA(Vienna,Austria).


Contractual Service Agreement (BC: 5381 170 1010 D1020341 200944116, Pers.No.: 101965); IAEA(Vienna,Austria).


Testing and improvements of practical expressions for  collective enhancements of nuclear level densities, GDR widths and  radiative strength functions for nuclear reaction calculations at high excitation energies. Part of RIPL3 project under CRP "Parameters for calculation of nuclear  reactions of relevance to non-energy nuclear applications".Contracts #302-F4.10.22-UKR-12495;12492; IAEA(Vienna,Austria).


Testing and improvements of gamma-ray strength functions for nuclear model calculations of nuclear data. Part of RIPL2 project. Contracts # F4-UKR-10308/R0/R1; 302-F4-UKR-11567; IAEA(Vienna,Austria).


Physics of mesoscopic Fermion Systems. The damping of the collective excitations in liquid clusters. Grant of the European INTAS Foundation (INTAS-93-0151). Member of the KINR team.


Dissipative large scale collective dynamics of complex atomic nuclei. Long-term grant of Soros International Science Foundation. Project NTK000(NTK200). Member of the KINR team.


Microscopic-macroscopic aspects of nuclear collective motion. Research project of the Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG: 436 UKR 113/15/OS). Collaboration of the KINR and the Technical University of Muenich.


Single-payment grant of Soros International Science Foundation.

Theory of nuclei and nuclear reactions at non-relativistic energies

Research Fields:

Previous and Current Research

  • Gamma-emission from equilibrium and pre-equilibrium states
  • Statistical description of nuclear reactions including preequilibrium particle- and gamma- emission
  • Excitation and damping of collective states in hot atomic nuclei within framework of the semiclassical kinetic equation approach
  • Memory effects in collision integral
  • Effects of excitation and damping vibrational states on nuclear level density.
  • Shape evolution of giant dipole resonance
  • Average description of the gamma-transition in Fermi-systems
  • SCOPUS/GOGLE SCHOLAR h-index = 13/18; total citations = 1323/2428; SCOPUS author ID: 6603091172

Future Projects and Goals

Methods and related parameters for modelling gamma-ray cascades due to the gamma-transitions in highly excited nuclei will be reviewed. Analytical expressions for the photon strength functions (PSF) will be done with allowance for low-energy enhancement due to the nuclear structure effects (presence of low-energy resonance). The models and formulae previously recommended for the PSF will be updated, additionally tested and validated. Recommended sets and systematics of the parameters for PSFs calculations will be prepared. Computer code for PSF calculations within recommended models will be prepared and adopted for the use in the different codes for nuclear reaction calculations. Applications of the results to the gamma transitions in different nuclear processes (neutron induced nuclear reactions, isomeric ratios of primary fission fragments) will be considered.

Methodological and Technical Expertise

Reliable theoretical and clear physical methods will be applied.

Final expressions for the average description of gamma-transitions will be tested and validated with the use of modern experimental data. 

Selected Publications

Goriely S., Plujko V.

Simple empirical E1 and M1 strength functions for practical applications

Phys. Rev. C. -2019. -V.99. 014303(8).

S. Goriely, P. Dimitriou, M. Wiedeking, T. Belgya, R. Firestone, J. Kopecky, M. Krticka, V. Plujko, R. Schwengner, S. Siem, H. Utsunomiya, S. Hilaire, S. Peru, Y. S. Cho, D. M. Filipescu, N. Iwamoto, T. Kawano, V. Varlamov, R. Xu

Reference database for photon strength functions

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V.A. Plujko, S. Goriely, O.M. Gorbachenko, K.M. Solodovnyk

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Nuclear Physics and Atomic Energy. 2019. V. 20 - P.213-220.

V. Plujko, O. Gorbachenko, K. Solodovnyk

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European Physical Journal A. 2019. V.55: 210.

Plujko V.A., Gorbachenko O.M., Capote R.,  Dimitriou P.

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Prompt gamma-rays from fast neutron capture in natNi

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RIPL-Reference input parameter library for calculations of nuclear reactions and nuclear data evaluation

Nuclear Data Sheets, 2009.- V.110. P. 3107-3214; http://www-nds.iaea.org/RIPL-3/

Plujko V.A., Gorbachenko O.M.

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Denisov V.Yu., Plujko V. A.

Problems of physics of atomic nuclei and nuclear reactions (in Russian)

Scientific Monograph, Kyiv, TSNU, Publ.Co., 2013, 412pp., SBN 978-966-439-673-5.

Kadenko I.M., Plujko V.A.

Physics of atomic nuclei and particles (in Ukrainian)

Textbook, Kyiv, TSNU, Publ.Co., 2019, 480pp., ISBN 978-966-433-022-2.


Tel: (+38044) 5213541

e-mail: plujko@univ.kiev.ua