Victor Oliynyk

Victor Oliynyk

Head of the laboratory “Quantum Radiophysics”, PhD (Candidate of Sciences in Phys. and Math.)

1979 – 1989
Taras Shevchenko national University of Kyiv, Kyiv (Ukraine)

1989 – 2003
Head of the laboratory “Microwave methods and devices”
Taras Shevchenko national University of Kyiv, Kyiv (Ukraine)

2003 - Present
Head of the scientific research laboratory “Quantum radiophysics”
Taras Shevchenko national University of Kyiv, Kyiv (Ukraine)


Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv (Ukraine)

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv (Ukraine)

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv (Ukraine)

International research grants:
“Novel nanocarbon-polymer composites with enhanced shielding and thermal properties” – project SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CENTER IN UKRAINE, 2012-2014.

“Novel Nanocomposite Materials Based on Low Dimensional Carbon Systems for Electromagnetic Shielding, NATO grant NSfP - CBP.NUKR.SFP 984243. 2012-2015.

Microwave Physics and Techniques

Research Fields:

Previous and Current Research

  • RF/microwave and millimeter-wave circuits and devices;
  • electromagnetic propagation characteristics in multicomponent nanocomposites;
  • natural FMR effects in ferrites and magnetic composites;
  • shielding effectiveness theory of different composites.

Research team
Group leader – Viktor Oliynyk, head of the SRL “Quantum Radiophysics”, PhD (Phys.&Math.); Zagorodnii V.V., assoc. prof., PhD (Phys.&Math.); Launetz V.L., PhD (Phys.&Math.), fellow researcher; Trunov B.N., engineer; Bachelor and Master students.

Main research facilities
Research work has been carried out by utilizing the unique experimental equipment with using microwave network analyzers and high magnetic field strengths.

Materials test equipment and accessories for determining how materials interact with electromagnetic fields by calculating permittivity and permeability.

Agilent PNA microwave network analyzer 10 MHz to 67 GHz

Accurate measurements of these material properties help us achieve the best performance for an application, while shortening the design cycle and minimizing material scrap.

Measurements in high magnetic fields strengths up to 20 kOe

Effect of the spin switching on the permittivity in microwave range

Dielectric permittivity of biological materials

water solution

Dielectric permittivity of salt solution measured by Agilent PNA 
(at room temperature)

Future Projects and Goals

  • microwave physics of composites;
  • microwave properties of spin-crossover complexes;
  • RF/Microwave interaction with biological objects.

Methodological and Technical Expertise

  • fundamental electromagnetic theory;
  • physics and engineering of electromagnetic materials;
  • microwave physics and techniques.

Selected Publications

O.I. Kucheriv, V.V.Oliynyk, V.V.Zagorodnii, V.L. Launets, I.A. Gural’skiy
Spin-Crossover Materials towards Microwave Radiation Switches
Scientific Reports, 2016, No.6, pp.1–7, DOI: 10.1038/srep38334

Oliynyk V., Matzui L., Yakovenko O., Vovchenko L., Zagorodnii V., Launets V.
Conductive and shielding properties of MWCNTs/polymer nanocomposites with aligned filler distribution 
Book: NATO Science for Peace and Security Series B: Physics and Biophysics”, 2016, p.251-271, Code 173559, Springer.

Oliynyk V., Vovchenko L., Matzui L., Zagorodnii V., Launets V., Lazarenko O.
Electrical and Shielding Properties of Nanocarbon-Epoxy Composites
Book: Conductive Materials and Composites, 2016, p.29-91, New York, ISBN: 978-1-63484-889-3, Nova Science Publishers

Oliynyk V., A.Trukhanov, S.Trukhanov, V.Turchenko, E.Yakovenko, L. Matsuid, L. Vovchenko, V.Launets.
Crystal Structure, Magnetic, and Microwave Properties of Solid Solutions BaFe12–xGaxO19 (0.1 ≤ x ≤1.2)
Physics of the Solid State, 2016, Vol. 58, No.9, pp. 1792–1797

V.Oliynyk, I.Sagalianov, L.Vovchenko, L.Matzui, A.Lazarenko, O.Lozitsky
Optimization of multilayer electromagnetic shields: A genetic algorithm approach
Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik, 2016, Vol.47, Iss.2-3, p.263–271

V.Oliynyk, L.Vovchenko, L.Matzui, V.Launetz, O.Lazarenko, F.Antoni, D.Muller, F.LeNormand.
The effect of irradiation on electrical and electrodynamic properties of nanocarbon–epoxy composites
Phys.Status Solidi A, 2014, Vol.211, Iss.12, P. 2723-2728