Liudmyla Krupelnytska

Liudmyla Krupelnytska


Assistant Professor of the Department of Psychodiagnostics and Clinical Psychology 

Work Experience:


A. Yushchenko Vinnytsia Regional Psycho-neurological Hospital, Psychologist


Kyiv Regional Psychiatric Hospital ¹ 1, Psychologist

1999 - 2000

Institute for Social and Forensic Psychiatry and Addiction, Ministry of Health, Research Associate.

2000 - 2005

Rehabilitation Centre "Discovery" for Addicts (Division of ABC Clinic), Lead Therapist, Head of the Therapeutic Program

2004 - 2006

G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology, Ukraine Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, Senior Research Associate.

2006 - now

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Faculty of Psychology, Department of Psychodiagnostics and Clinical Psychology, assistant professor.

Education and training:


Doctor of Psychological Sciences Degree, Diploma ÄÊ ¹002149


Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Faculty of Psychology, Doctorate School in Clinical Psychology

2000 - 2013

Training on Integrative Psychotherapy and Counseling, The European Certificate of Psychotherapy


Instructor of Dianalysis, Instructor's certificate #10


Candidate of Psychological Sciences Degree, Diploma ÄÊ ¹025205


Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Faculty of Psychology, Post-graduate School in Clinical Psychology.


T.G. Shevchenko State University of Kyiv, Philosophy Faculty, Department of Psychology, Diploma ÊÂ ¹ 788621

Psychological counseling and Psychotherapy. Psychological aspects of Addictions

Research Fields:
Clinical Medicine

Previous and Current Research

Meta-theoretical thinking of psychotherapist.

Psychological practice in post-nonclassical paradigm.

Motivational and meaning sphere of drug addicts.

Psychology and abnormal psychology of humor.

Staff motivation in the field of information technology.

Future Projects and Goals

- Personal myth as psychotherapeutic resource;

- The studies of suicidal behavior predictors in clinical psychology.

- Suicidal behaviors among Ukrainian college students.

- Personality changes in the process of Gestalt-therapist education.

- Theory of mind in case drug addiction.

- Motivational and meaning features in psychological rehabilitation of diabetic patients.

- Psychological assistance on preparing for partnered birth


Ñlarification and description of the psychotherapy role of the personal myth;

identification of suicidal behavior predictors;

establishing of theory of mind particularities in case drug addiction;

identification and description of personality changes in the process of Gestalt-therapist education;

establishing of motivational and meaning dynamics in psychological rehabilitation of diabetic patients and development of the system of psychological support this category of patients;

development of a model of psychological support on preparing for partnered birth.

improving the methodology of social interaction in social work.

The team:

PhD student A. Yavorska “Psychological factors of personal changes in the process of training Gestalt- therapists”

PhD student A. Telcharov “An affective component of the perception of another person in individuals with personality disorders”.

PhD student I. Burovska “Dynamics of the motivational and semantic sphere in patients with diabetes mellitus in the process of psychological rehabilitation”.

PhD student D. Shelest “Psychological support of married couple in the period of preparation for partnered birth”.

Methodological and Technical Expertise

Member of the Academic Council D26.001.26 and Commissions of
this Council on theses, specialty 19.00.01 “General Psychology”.

Selected Publications

More than 80 scientific articles on problems of clinical psychology, psychotherapy and psychological councelling.



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