Vitalii Kolomiychuk

Vitalii Kolomiychuk


Dr.Sc., Deputy Director

O.V.Fomin Botanical Garden of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv (Ukraine)



Head of the Botanical Museum
Melitopol State Pedagogical Institute, Melitopol (Ukraine)


Associate Professor of Botany
Bogdan Khmelnitsky Melitopol State Pedagogical University, Melitopol (Ukraine)


Doctoral Student

M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv (Ukraine)


Associate Professor
State Ecological
Academy of Postgraduate Education and Management, Kyiv (Ukraine)

2015 Present

Deputy director
O.V.Fomin Botanical Garden, Kyiv (Ukraine)



M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv (Ukraine) 


Associate Professor
Bogdan Khmelnitsky Melitopol State Pedagogical University, Melitopol (Ukraine)


Doctor of Science (Biology)
M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv (Ukraine) 

Rare and endangered plants ex situ and in situ, management plans for protected areas

Research Fields:
Biology & Biochemistry

Previous and Current Research

1. Floristic and geobotanical research in Ukraine

2. Plant introduction

3. Plant ecology

4. Management of protected areas

5. Ex situ and in situ plant conservation

The objects of our research are plant collections of the O.V. Fomin Botanical Garden open-ground plots which have been collected since 1839. Nowadays they count about 9000 species of vascular plants, about 4200 of which are tropical and subtropical plants. Also we carry out research of plants, especially rare and endangered, in nature conditions and herbarium (acronym  KWHU) which has about 150 000 specimens of vascular plants, mosses, algae, lichens and fungi.

Main aim of our studying is to develop effective methods of ex situ and in situ plant conservation. We are involved in floristic, geobotanical, ecological plant research to achieve this aim.

For example, employees of the Botanical Garden are involved in:

a) studying of adaptation processes to arid conditions during ontogenesis of plants from different ecological groups;

b) creation and modernization of plant reproduction approaches;

c) solving of various taxonomical problem;

d) creation of new protected territories of different levels from local reserves till National Natural Parks;

e) development of management plans for protected area;

f) doing experiments for reintroduction and repatriation of some rare species of plants in nature;

g) researching the state and structure of plant populations.

Future Projects and Goals

1. Publications on the results of plant introduction in the protected areas of Ukraine;

2. Publications on the diversity of natural flora and vegetation of Ukraine;

3. Development of the management strategy for the Botanical Gardens and Arboretums of Ukraine;

4. Participation in identification guide of natural flora of Ukraine preparation;

5. Participation in the Red Data Book of Ukraine preparation (next edition);

6. Participation in creation of the Emerald Network in Ukraine;

7. Digitalization of Herbarium KWHU.


  • The M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany NAS of Ukraine (Prof. Didukh Ya., Dr. Onyshchenko V., Dr. Shevera M.);

  • Institute of Eology of the Carpathians NAS of Ukraine, Ukraine, L'viv (Dr. Danylyk I.);

  • Kherson State University (Prof. Moysiyenko I.).

Selected Publications

  • Shynder O.I., Kolomiychuk V.P., Melezhyk O.V. (2022). Spontaneous flora of O.V. Fomin Botanical Garden of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine. Environmental & Socio-economic Studies. 10(1), . 38-56.

  • Onyshchenko V.A., Mosyakin S.L., Korotchenko I.A., Danylyk I.M., Burlaka M.D., Fedoronchuk M.M., Chorney I.I., Kish R.Ya., Olshanskyi I.H., Shiyan N.M., Zhygalova S.L., Tymchenko I.A., Kolomiychuk V.P., Novikov A.V., Boiko G.V., Shevera M.V., Protopopova V.V. IUCN Red List categories of vascular plant species of the Ukrainian flora (2022). Kyiv: FOP Huliaeva V.M. 198 p.

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  • Bruelheide, H., Dengler, J., Borja Jimnez-Alfaro, B. , Kolomiychuk, V. et al. sPlot a new tool for global vegetation analyses (2019). Journal of Vegetation Science. 30(2), 161-186.

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